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The Six Box is a care package for amazing military and first responder spouses. It's a reverse care package: a gift box sent to the one holding it all together while their service member or first responder is away. A military/first responder spouse’s main job is so often to take care of everyone else. Now we want to take care of them. 

Here's what military spouses say about The Six Box

I received a Six Box during a tough week and that care package really brightened my spirits. It was filled with some pretty amazing products! It is apparent that care and attention to detail was put into these packages as you unwrap each unique item. My favorite part was the handwritten note from the founders, which was a nice personal touch to the lovely package.

Wendi of Strength4Spouses

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of products offered by The Six Box! Everything was so thoughtfully packaged and truly was like opening a gift. I would recommend The Six Box to every military spouse.

Meg of MilKidsED

This subscription box was definitely THE best I have received! It felt so personal and special. I loved everything in the box, especially because I feel like I will use it all.

Laura of Little Island Takara

A care package for military spouses. I love it!! The ladies over at The Six Box sent me their August box and I'm in love. This box is adorable and fun and I can see myself absolutely sending this box out to girlfriends that need a little pick me up for whatever reason - deployment, TDY, or just regular military life craziness.

Rheanna of Cammo Style Love

It's amazing. The most beautiful gesture! The stuff in the box was sweet. But the cards and stuff is what really got me.

Six Box Recipient was the best thing ever. I thank you so much for doing this and making my whole week. The items are amazing and my favorite part was the hand written note that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Six Box Recipient

This is pretty awesome!!!

Six Box Recipient

I got ya'lls package when I felt like I was done and wanted to throw in the towel! It was wonderful to receive and I cried happy sweet tears. Especially when reading, We see you... You are not alone.

Six Box Recipient

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When You Feel Unspecial

When You Feel Unspecial

Do you ever have days where you feel uninteresting? Do you ever feel tongue-tied when someone asks what you’ve been up to, not because you aren’t ...
I survived in a hotel room for 3 weeks with 2 kids, 1 dog and no car. Here’s how:

I survived in a hotel room for 3 weeks with 2 kids, 1 dog and no car. Here’s how:

True story: I’ve lived in a hotel before, as an Army Wife, for six weeks when the government shut down in 2013. My husband and I had turned in our condo keys and started the drive from Northern California to Arizona when we got a call a few hours into our trip to turn around, come back and oh yea, “We don’t have housing for both of you so you’re on your own”. We moved into the historic Hotel Del Monte at the Naval Postgraduate School and it ended up being one of our favorite adventures to date. We made friends with the staff, were able to stay together in Monterey a little longer and I didn’t have to clean my room everyday :) 

However, that was then.

Fast forward four years to this past February. We packed up our little family of now five (including our 45 pound Goldendoodle) and trekked from Washington State down to Austin, Texas. I wasn’t really looking forward to the move, if I’m being honest, and knew we were going to be holed up in a hotel for a little while. A “little while” became 3 and half weeks (I know, it could have been worse), but there’s more. We had one car that my husband used every day to drive 45-60 minutes south to work. 

When Anxiety Feels Normal

When Anxiety Feels Normal

Merriam-Webster describes anxiety as
a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.


Welcome to the life of a military or first responder family…

Receive orders. Schedule movers, schedule cleaners, say goodbyes and more. Drive or fly together, separate or solo to a new place. Live in temporary housing until permanent can be found. Clean and unpack alone because spouse is at work already. Try to make new friends. Try to help your kids settle in. Make sure everyone is taken care of, healthy, has new doctors, new schools and new friends.

Deployment orders come a couple weeks later and it starts all over again. Training, prep your home, kids and your heart to say goodbye. Send off ceremony (maybe), long nights and months ahead. When will I get to talk to you? What time zone will you be in? How dangerous is it really (ok don’t tell me)? When will we see you again? Then, reintegration (its own beast sometimes) and re-adjusting to life “as usual” while waiting for the next piece of paper determining a new home or another deployment comes around.

Night shift. Midnight shift. Court in the morning. Overtime. Paperwork. Dangerous situations (that he doesn’t talk about). Solo parenting despite living in the same home. Trying to find friends together despite never being together. Missing Holidays, birthdays. What’s a “date night” again?