Baby, You're a Firework

Baby You're a Firework | The Six Box | Care Packages for Military Spouses

Hey there, military spouses. Summer can be hard - we know firsthand. There's swimsuit season, comparison, insecurities, and the inevitable loneliness when "everyone else" seems to be making summer memories as a family.

It's not always easy this time of year. 

But we also know that sometimes you might forget a crucial fact and need some reminding.

What is it?

That you are a beautiful, wonderful, sizzlin' hot military spouse and nothing is going to change that!! 

If you don’t believe it, let us tell you why:

Here are 13 reasons why we think you're a firework, baby 

You are strong.

Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Not strong in the “go to the gym” or “you will just get through it” ways. Strong in the you keep pushing through, smiling, looking for a silver lining, encouraging others to do the same kind of way.

You are wise.

Wise to the fact that things won’t always be hard or easy for that matter. You enjoy the sunshine and the shade knowing you learn from both.

You can laugh at yourself (and appreciate others who do the same!)

How can we make it through life without the ability to laugh at ourselves anyways!

You have a rockin’ bod.

The kind of bod that totes kids around, cleans, cooks, walks the dog, pays the bills, goes to school and looks good doing it too (even in leggings and a messy bun)!

You have a heart of gold.

The kind of heart that lifts up other military spouses, friends and family that could use some love.

You are patient.

Patiently waiting for your spouse’s return home, a change in scenery or a much needed day off.

You are resilient.

You’ve lived far away from those you love, maybe even experienced a few deployments. You have PCS’d again and again, made few friends, said goodbye to old ones. You’ve quit jobs, gone to school and been frustrated with what feels like starting over again and again.

You are real.

You’ve seen good and bad, walked beside friends who’ve gone through it and can speak to others now of the beauty and pain of it all.

You are a true friend (and you know how to be one).

You became friends with your neighbors or other spouses in your unit (maybe even to your surprise) and saying goodbye a year or two later was hard. But now you know the value of having someone nearby so you’ve learned the art of long distance friendship that means so much.

You can listen well.

Girl, you have been there! Now that you know what hard times look like you are more than happy to provide a listening ear as a friend walks down her own hard road.

You “speak” acronym.

PCS, ACU, TDY, ETS - you’ve got them down (or maybe not). But you know who to ask you to translate, because let’s be honest, the military life has its own language sometimes.

You know how to do things on your own.

Breaks squeaking? Toilet clogged? Spider on the ceiling? You’ve got this, because you have to (even though you might not want to). You’ve done so many things on your own, at one time, that when he comes home it can be hard to ask for help!

You support your significant other - even when it hurts.

There are many times when the career of our loved ones calls them far away, or suddenly for training or just long enough to not get separation pay (you know what we are talking about!). You did it anyways though. You stay strong and loving despite distance, fear and loneliness - it’s hard, but it is worth it!

We hope you feel pumped having read this list. But we also hope you pay it forward. Share it with any military spouses who could use a reminder of the same truths about themselves. <3

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