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Stories of Sisterhood from Our Military Spouse Community 

The month of November always has us turning to thoughts of "Gratefulness", which is why we are focusing on the military spouses who have helped us through the hard times, laughed with us in the good times and stood by us in the in between times. We collected a few stories from other military spouses in our community who've been supported and loved on, even by milspouses they had met only days before. The women who shared their stories with us also happen to be women of influence in our military spouse community so we've included links to their businesses, podcasts and blogs so you can get to know them better. We are honored to be military spouses with you and feel it truly is an awesome time to be a military spouse. We know there are so many more stories out there and couldn't be more grateful to be part of this incredible community who have displayed the true meaning of "Sisterhood" to us. 

Stories of Sisterhood from Our Military Spouse Community 

"Last year when my husband was deployed our washer died. I bought a new one from Lowe’s. They said they would install it but instead left it in my living room due to some “technicalities” they didn’t previously explain. My friend not only listened to me literally lose it but offered to come over with her husband to install it. She was my rock when everything was falling apart while I tried to build a business and raise kids during a deployment. I’m so thankful for her. This year when her husband was deployed I was able to be there for her as well."

-Megan Hall, The Inspired Women Podcast

"When my husband was TDY, I came down with strep - my first time ever! The fever hit me hard and being dehydrated I passed out. My neighbor called 911, and her along with my other neighbor tagged team getting my kids ready for school and on the bus, watched my youngest, and coordinated having someone to pick me up from the hospital while my husband was notified and began heading back home. We wouldn’t have been able to manage that emergency with our my village of friends who have become like sisters. It made life easier knowing I had such good people around us who loved my family to step in and help take care of things."

-Megan Meredith Harless, Stars and Stripes Doulas of Hampton Roads

"We had literally just moved into our house in Okinawa when I went down with the stomach bug. I had met the neighbors briefly, and had only one person’s number. I called her and immediately had offers from others on our cul de sac to watch my daughter, bring me Gatorade, and help find a sitter. My daughter was cared for by almost complete strangers while I recovered in bed. I made lifelong friends and have a funny story to tell about how we all met!"

-Meg Flanagan, MilKids Ed

"I love this {stories of Sisterhood}! This is why I came up with the slogan "Let's Support and Inspire Each Other" for MilSpouse Resource for Military Spouses and OakTree Network. I had to have a procedure done about 7 years ago and my husband wasn't around to take me to the hospital or pick me up. A fellow military spouse took care of those duties for me."

-Britni Miltner, MilSpouse Resource for Military Spouses and the new OakTree Network

"When my husband was deployed most recently, I gave birth to our daughter. A military friend of mine- who lives 30 minutes away drove down at 1am when I woke up with food poisoning and no one else answered the phone. She not only came and filled me up with fluids, she took care of my 3 month old, AND took her for the entire next day while I continued to heal. No questions asked just showed up and took over. She saved me alot during that deployment- fed my daughter her first bottle, talked to me about PPD and how she got over it, checked in on me daily. She had 3 kids of her own, her husband rarely around, and she dropped everything to help me."

-Lauren Cecora, Post Partum Mentor, Lauren Cecora Blog & The Sanity Saver 

"There are SO MANY women who have helped me along this milspouse journey! I have 4 kids, and numerous stories of people helping me, but here are some that stand out:

-The neighbor who stopped me from mowing the lawn when I was 8 months pregnant during a North Carolina summer. She finished the job for me, and arranged for it to be handled for the next month.
-My 3rd baby was born during a deployment. My mom friends made me meals for a week, helped watch my other kids, and one even volunteered to go with me to the hospital!
-The friend who asked to come clean my house after baby #3. No judgement, she just knew I was overwhelmed.
-The friend who volunteered to watch all 3 of my kids for a whole weekend so my husband and I could get away after his 5th deployment.
-The neighbor who met us day 1 at our overseas duty station, and immediately lent us a car, showed me around, and took me out to lunch!
-The Spanish local who put up with my limited Spanish when we lived overseas. She befriended me and invited me to her house several times, and always patiently answered my questions.
-The people who cooked meals for me for 3 weeks when I had a baby overseas!
-The 'assigned friend' I had never met at our newest duty station. Our husbands had once worked together, so as soon as we arrived she gave us folding table and chairs, air mattresses, and other basic comforts.
-The neighbors who watched my kids for a weekend on short notice when I flew home for a funeral.

I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the generosity of some amazing women along the way! I will forever be paying it forward!

-Lizann Prosser Lightfoot, Seasoned Spouse

"I’ll never forget the kindness and compassion that was shown to me during a time of tragedy this year. I had met a new friend at a spouse event last Fall. We slowly began to become friends. Then, a few months later, I had a miscarriage. She was the first person, besides family, to be by my side. She came and held my hand, brought me food, and checked on me constantly. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for her support during a horrible time of loss and for months afterwards while I made my way through grief.

-Wendi Huskins Iacobello, Strength4Spouses

We know there are so many more stories (including our own friendship of military spouse friends who decided to launch of small business to encourage other military spouses!).  We want to hear from you, so join us over on Facebook or Instagram to share you story and be sure to tag or thank the milspouse or milso who've made all the difference in your journey! If you haven't experienced this yet, we encourage you to hang in there and be on the lookout for ways you can care for someone in your community. 

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