June 2017 Six Box

June 2017 Six Box Reveal | Care Packages for Military Spouses

Theme: Summertime

Summer is finally here! We at The Six Box are beyond excited, maybe because we’ve spent the last several months drenched in rain...

We hope, wherever you are stationed right now, that you get to experience the joy and relaxation of summer this month. This month’s Six Box is full of summery fun to help you make the most of a sun-filled, tropical (in our dreams, at least) month of June. We’ve included a bunch of special items in this box, from a refreshing facial spray by one of our favorite natural beauty brands to a delicious fruit bar and several other goodies.

Summers as a military spouse can be hard. When everyone else seems to be grilling or hiking or camping as a family, you might be stuck at home by yourself, missing your service member - whether it’s a deployment, a trip, or just long hours - and wondering if it would be worth it to carry your toddler on a hike by yourself. (It might be! Maybe convince a girlfriend to come too?!)

Cucumber & Ginseng Facial Mist

This gentle, alcohol-free facial mist has cucumber, ginseng and algae extracts. While cucumber and algae extracts help refresh and tone the skin, ginseng helps to strengthen and revitalize for a fresh look. It can be used after cleansing, after shaving and throughout the day to soothe, refresh and tone the skin. Use: Spray over face after cleansing, or anytime during the day. Can also be used with a cotton pad as a refreshing toner. From California-based natural beauty brand LATHER.

Coconut Creme Body Whip

This silky whipped body crème will absorb instantly into skin without leaving a greasy feel. Coconut oil provides light moisturization while aloe vera provides calming relief to sensitive, irritated or sunburned skin. Precious essential oils including tonka bean, patchouli, geranium and vanilla create a warm and sweet, comforting and soothing scent. Great as an after-sun hydrating treatment. Paraben-free. Use: Massage into skin after bath or shower.

“Beach Please” Car Coaster

This adorable, beachy coaster is perfectly sized for your car. It absorbs liquids that might spill from your drink, plus it can be your little daily reminder to plan that beach road trip - and SOON! Slide it into your cup holder and use the small notch on the side when you want to remove it.

Mango Apple Chia Fruit Bar by KIND

This delicious fruit snack bar has 2 full servings of fruit, including the fiber, which you can't get from juice. It’s a quick, convenient way to add fruit to your daily routine, or simply enjoy a bit of refreshing, summery flavor while you’re on the go this month.

“Saltwater” Print

We’ve always loved this quote! There’s nothing like a good workout, a cathartic cry session, or a trip to the beach to make life’s challenges a little easier to handle.

June 2017 Journal

This month’s journal is a bit different - and full of ideas for summer fun!