March 2017 Six Box

March 2017 Six Box | Care Packages for Military Spouses

Theme: Spring Break

Do you need a break? Do you even know that the really looks like anymore?
As military spouses, we are pros at burning the candle on both ends. Go to work, wash uniforms, plan and prep meals, keep up with the house (most of the time), wait by the phone or computer for husband to call, check in with family and friends, give the dog a bath, take care of kids, volunteer with the FRG, another bake sale? Sure, we can squeeze that in. If you are lucky, you might have been able to drink your coffee hot today or throw back that glass of wine with a 20 minute TV show, but is that really the break you need?
Remember Spring Break?! Warm sun on your skin, sand in your toes, not a care in the world. Ahh, we barely do too, but it sounds pretty dang awesome. This month we encourage you to define what a “break” means to you on a regular basis and even yearly. Maybe you really need that girl’s weekend in order to survive this crazy life! We support you and also think you deserve the break and actually need to make it happen.
We are joining you in this quest for rest and rejuvenation as it is so important to fill our cups up in order to really be there for our spouses and families. Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves.

Here's what's in the March 2017 Six Box: 

Coconut Key Lime Whipped Sugar Scrub

We know that the closest you might get to the beach this month is a warm bubble bath, so we’ve got you covered with this key lime sugar scrub that will make you think of Florida and sunshine. With notes of creamy coconut milk, tart key lime juice, touch of vanilla bean, sugar and organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, and crushed walnut shells, you will be moisturized and dreaming of sitting in front of a clear blue ocean, sipping a coconut cocktail in no time. From Los Angeles-based bath & beauty brand Pretty and Perky.

“Awesome Vibes Only” Tumbler

This punchy 16 oz double walled tumbler is perfect for brightening up your day with your favorite cold beverage and sitting poolside. Or, um, next to your heating vent. Close enough! From gift and home goods brand Quotable Life out of Peachtree City, Georgia. Fun milspo fact: Quotable Life is owned by the wife of a retired Marine.

Wild Strawberry and Peach Mango Caffeinated Drink Mix

These take-anywhere packets offer a quick pick-me-up in that afternoon slump and might just go perfectly in your “Awesome Vibes” tumbler, don’t you think? With only 5 calories and 30 mg of caffeine, these Crystal Light packets might just become your new favorite way to get through that afternoon slump. Note: There are two servings in each packet.

“When Life Hands You Pineapples, Make Pina Coladas” Print

Enjoy this cheeky print - exclusively designed by The Six Box - that will be sure to have you dreaming about vacation (or at least a delicious drink!).

March 2017 Journal

This month’s journal is themed “Spring Break”, and it’s all about giving ourselves permission to take the breaks we need in order to thrive - and doing the things that will actually help us rest and feel better. Use this month’s journal to discover what true rest means for you and then take it. You can’t pour from an empty cup!