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About The Six Box | Monthly care packages for military spouses

One day, two military spouses were chatting over coffee and realized something:

Military spouses constantly take care of everyone in their lives: service members, kiddos, neighbors, new moms, new neighbors, their parents, siblings, the family dog…pretty much everyone.

But they started to wonder, who takes care of military spouses while they’re taking care of everyone else?

Our spouses, family, and friends want to help, but the truth is the military often calls us to live far from family AND be apart from our service member for months at a time. 

And in that moment, while searching for a practical, beautiful and simple way to support military spouses, the idea for The Six Box was born.

We (Megan + Alana) decided to create a reverse care package.

A care package from family, friends, deployed spouses or even another military spouse, that goes back home to the one holding down the fort, the one who's sacrificing so much behind the scenes.

Because military spouses take care of everyone. And now we want to take care of them.

Meet Our Team | The Six Box | Care packages for military spouses

Meet Our Team

Megan Casper

Megan Casper | The Six Box | Care packages for military spousesMegan Casper grew up in Orlando and received her Bachelor’s from the University of Florida -- Go Gators! She spent almost a year teaching English in China before moving to Washington DC where she met her husband. Throughout her career Megan has worked in classrooms, hotel sales and hospitality and alongside small business owners. For the last five years, she has provided advanced event planning for prominent leaders and newsmakers. Megan considers herself fortunate to call the West Coast home after spending time in California and now Washington State. She is a proud military spouse and mama to a precious, chatty one year old girl and a sweet two year old golden doodle. 




Alana Le

Alana Le | The Six Box | Care packages for military spousesAlana Le was born in Seattle but has lived all over the world, from Moscow to Manila. She has a BA from Davidson College in North Carolina and over 8 years of experience helping startups and other small organizations thrive in some of the toughest markets in the world. Today she calls Washington home and is a proud military spouse and mama to a sweet (and strong willed) one year old girl.

When It’s Meant to Be

Megan and Alana met two years ago at a goodbye party for a family PCSing (the usual Friday night activity for the military family) and clicked right away; it’s not everyday you meet someone who lived in China after all!

In a matter of moments we realized we were neighbors and about to be first time mommas due within 2 months of each other {we literally walked around our block together breathing through Alana’s contractions before her husband could get home from work}. 

Throughout many shared fun and crazy times learning to be mom’s together and sharing our military experience we realized we had the same heart - to support and encourage other military spouses and see military relationships not just survive, but thrive throughout all of the months apart.

A few months later, after countless cups of coffee, long email chains, late nights, and baby play/mama work dates, The Six Box was born. We are so excited to be offering these monthly “reverse care packages” as a way of caring for and supporting military spouses the way we have dreamed of doing since the first spark of this idea.

About Us | The Six Box | Care packages for military spouses

Why ‘The Six Box’?

The Six Box name was inspired by the common military phrase “Got your six”, which in short, means “Got your back”.

Our desire is to provide an easy, but meaningful way to show continual support to military spouses whose loved one is deployed.

Whether you are a husband, boyfriend, father, etc. heading out on a short or long tour, The Six Box is a simple way to say “I love you and appreciate you holding down the fort while I am gone serving our country”.

The Six Box is also a modern way for friends and family of military spouses to show support to the military spouse who may be living miles away and could use monthly encouragement.

Our hearts have gone into making this product a beautiful way to encourage and support military spouses while also bringing intention to relationships despite the distance. We thank you for your support and cannot wait to hear your story!

About us | The Six Box | Care packages for military spouses