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Got Your Six: A 12-Month Journal for Military Spouses

Got Your Six: A 12-Month Journal for Military Spouses

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We wrote this journal with the hardworking military spouse in our hearts and minds. 

It’s for the new wife who has found herself half way around the world at a new duty station, attempting to navigate military life far from friends and family. It’s for the mama trying to be everything to everyone while he is gone, never getting a break for herself. And it’s for the woman who has done so much to serve beside her husband, wondering if anyone knows or even cares about the dreams she has sacrificed along the way.

Dear military spouse, this 12-month journal was created as a place for you to clear the clutter and process this journey. Our hope is that you use this as a tool to speak your heart onto paper. Use it to work through your struggles and successes, to dream and plan for the future, and to strengthen the connection you have to your spouse even in the midst of distance and lonely nights.

More than anything, we want you to know that we see you. We hear you. And we recognize that what you and your service member spouse are doing is one of the hardest things you will ever do. You are doing something most of your friends and family will never understand. 

But you are not alone. 


Here's what recipients are saying about the Got Your Six journal: 

"I received an Advance Reader Copy of Got Your Six and couldn't WAIT to dive in. This book was incredible and everything I hoped it would be. It provided tactical tips and advice for military spouses going through a variety of seasons of life. The prompts and space to journal were helpful in examining how I was feeling and giving me perspective that can often be difficult to get when you are in the midst of a tough season. These girls poured their heart into this book. It's like you are sitting next to them and sharing a cup of coffee. The authenticity and warmth behind the words will encourage you, inspire you, and remind you that you aren't alone in the tough journey of military life."


"As a former military spouse - I thought this journal was spot on. It made me laugh - it made me cry - it even made me goal-set! You can tell the authors are just military wives trying to keep it all together — but have mastered the art of authenticity and positivity.

If you have a friend who is married to the military - BUY THIS FOR HER. Seriously - it has just the right balance of reality (deployments are long and hard, moving sometimes stinks) and sisterhood (we are all in this together so maybe help a friend who is struggling more than you - or if you need the help... take a nap!) I received an advance reader copy but I plan on buying this for all my military spouse friends."


"I absolutely LOVE this journal. This is a must-have for every military spouse. As I read through the prompts, I realize this is exactly what I needed. The authors truly understand what it is to be a military spouse and this journal provides the encouragement, self-reflection and support we need. I can’t wait to send this to my milspouse besties. Don’t wait on this one. Sooo so good."


"I am grateful that a resource this valuable is now available for service member spouses! I had the privilege of receiving an Advance Reader Copy and found myself nodding in agreement and appreciation with each turn of the page. As a marriage and family therapist, I look forward to adding this title to my suggested reading list and would recommend this journal for spouses in any season of life."